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Rayman 2

Sent in by John Fleury When Razorbeards' robot is kaput, it falls into the lava and starts sinking. Razorbeard jumps out in an escape pod and yells, "Rayman! I have a little surprise for you!" and flies out. Rayman stares, and inside the ship, a self-destruct bomb counts down. Rayman stares as the robot explodes, then an outside view is shown of the ship exploding. It then switches back to Raymans' home, where Globox & family, a Teensie, Polokus, and Ly are sadly gathered around Polokus's pedestal, where Rayman's shoe, the only part they could find, stands. Suddenly, one of Globox's kids hears something in the forest. Rayman emerges, hobbling on a cane with one shoe. Everyone cheers happily, and the kids jump on Rayman in a group hug. He laughs, and a text message is shown amidst celebration fireworks. "Rayman, we honor you. Our land is rid of the robo-pirates. Take your deserved rest, you may need to fight again..." The camera zooms up to the sky, where Razorbeards' escape pod hurtles through space while the credits zoom by.

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