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Perfect Dark

Sent in by Sean Gauthier As the Final shot to the Statue is done by Joanna, the Big Point Flips and Stabs deeply into the Skedar Leader's Mouth. Joanna Says "yes!" but then the temple started to collapse. Joanna ran as fast as she could, but something happened to her. Outside the temple, Elvis called out for Joanna, and the response is: "Elvis... Elvis, Over Here." Elvis asks her to grab hold on his arm so that he can get Joanna out in no time, but instead Joanna asks Elvis to give her his gun. Joanna Says as she blasts the Skedar that grabbed on her foot: "Will you just let go!" She then managed to crawl out of the hole she was in, with her foot badly hurt, then she and Elvis walk out of the way for some major cleaning up of Skedar Scum while blabbing, then the mission status appears on the screen.

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