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Paper Mario

Sent in by Behonkiss When Mario defeats Bowser, Bowser shrinks back down to his normal size and falls on his stomach, saying, " couldn't beat Mario....I was invincible and I STILL couldn't beat him!"Mario gets the Star Rod back as well. Suddenly the hovering battle arena they were battling on begins shaking. Kammy Koopa explains that the intensity of the battle is too much for the arena to handle, and it will blow any moment. It does, destroying Bowser's castle and sending him and Kammy off into the stratosphere. Peach, Mario, and Peach's castle are all given a safe landing thanks to the Star Spirits. When they land, the Star Spirits each thank Mario. He returns the Star Rod to them, and they return to Star Haven to keep things peaceful. Twink also sadly returns to his home, but not before taking one last look at the castle and his good friend Peach. Mario is soon relaxing at his house with Luigi, who's interested by the story of his adventure. It's then shown what happened to each of Mario's companions: Goombario is back at his home playing with Goombaria. Parakarry, who has returned to his postal duties, gives him a letter before heading off to deliver more. Goombario excitedly reads out that it's an invitation to a party at Peach's castle. Parakarry says something to Bombette (who's residing in Koopa Village), but before he leaves, Kolorado's wife tells him something. Sushie, who is taking care of the baby Yoshis as before, reads her invitation but gets momentarily interupted by some mischievous babies. Watt, who is back at Shy Guy's Toybox, accepts. Bootler gives Bow her invitation, and she accepts with a giggle. Lakilester agrees while talking with Lakilulu. Kooper is about to set out with Kolorado on an expedition to explore the Crystal Palace when he gets his invitation. Kolorado tells him that he should go, but he then receives his wife's message, which is basically "You good-for-nothing turtle! What an insult for a husband!"because he once again didn't tell her he was heading out. He and Parakarry head back home in a rush.
Luigi gets an invitation to the party for him and Mario. They head to Toad Town, but Luigi leaves, saying he has something important to do. Mario eventually heads to the castle, where all his companions and people who helped are there. Peach comes out and thanks everyone for their brave efforts in saving the Mushroom Kingdom, and then begins the party.

The credits are done in the same style as Mario RPG, with a parade of characters doing humorous things. Luigi leads the whole thing, naturally.

When the parade has ended, Mario and Peach head to Mario's porch and watch fireworks burst near the castle. The words "The End" then pop up.

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