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Mortal Kombat Mythologies

Sent in by Sub-Zero You beat Shinnok, and then Rayden's portal appears. You DON'T battle the monster, because you can't kill it. One swipe from it, and you have to beat the normal Shinnok again. So, you jump through Rayden's portal. There, you meet Rayden, being breathless, and you talk to Rayden. Then you ask him for some thanks, and he says "Thanks for undoing a problem you created" then, you say "Quan Chi said my soul was tainted with evil, otherwise I couldn't have entered the Netherealm, is this true?" Then Rayden says "your a great warrior Sub-zero, but only you can choose your path" then you say "was that a yes, or no?" Then Rayden says "yes, but only you can change that." Next, you appear at Lin Kuei HQ. You say "I live to serve the Lin Kuei" then, the grandmaster says "you are a honorable warrior, sub-zero, you serve the Lin Kuei well, and I have a new assignment for you." Then it shows Shang Tsung, not like in the games, but with white hair, and a big long white beard. Then, the grandmaster says, "this is Shang Tsung. He would like you to compete in a small tournament called Mortal Kombat." Then, the credits roll.

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