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Mortal Kombat 4

Sent in by Sean Pratt For Liu Kang: He says how he once again defended his title as champion of Mortal Kombat, but the realm of Edinea had been destroyed along with Kitana. Then a white ball appears and Kitana appears saying how she was saved when he beat Shinnok, and offers him a chance to rule by her side as king of Ediena forever. But he refuses and says he must stay on Earth as Winner of Mortal Kombat. Then she wishes him good luck on all his journeys and goes away. For Reptile: He asked Quan Chi (I think that is his name) to have Shinnok send him back to his realm before it was destroyed by Shoa Khan. Then Quan chi says no and turns into Shinnok and Shinnok says that he (Reptitle) is in no position to demand anything so he destroys Reptitle. For Tanya: She has Lui Kang follow her into Goro's Lair saying that Radien wants to speak with him. Then Liu Kang finds out all of the light warriors are destroyed and then he is destroyed by Shinnok and Quan Chi. For Sonya: She talks to Jarek to come with her and Jarek says no then Sonya says the Black Dragons die with Kano, your the last one. Then Jarek charges her and he falls off. For Reiko: He goes back to his home Realm. That's it! For Jax: Same thing as Sonya ending expect Jarek climbs back up and throws Sonya off then Jax tries to call her on his radio and Jarek steps on it. Then he laughs and then Jax appears and throws him off the Cliff! For Jarek: Same thing as Jax expect Jarek never meets Jax. For Johnny Cage: He wins a ward and asks his fans when will meet a real challenge? Then the crowd throws vegetables and bottles at him. For Fujin: He takes Radiens place as protector of earth and Radien becomes a elder. For Raiden: He becomes an elder. For Shinnok: He becomes ruler of the universe. For Quan Chi: He betrays Shinnok and kills him. For Sub-Zero: Scprion says you can't defeat a dead man. Then Quan Chi appears saying they were both pawns for Shinnok and then Scripon kills Shinnok and says the curse is lifted. For Scripon: He learns that Quan chi is the one who murder his family and takes Quan Chi back to the nether realm but Sub-Zero dies!
Sent in by Zac Camp Kai's ending He is standing on a cliff, Raiden walks over and says, you fought well, you are a true shaolin warrior. Kia says no id rather wander the world and look for my soul. Radien says he you might need this and hands him his lightening staff.

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