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Mission: Impossible

Sent in by Jarrett Ethan Hunt and Candice Parker go back to there headquarters and talk to some guy it doesn't mention his name. The guy tells Ethan that they knew Ethan didn't do it so they said they did to motivate him to uncover the truth. Ethan gets mad and says ''You set me up on purpose.'' The guy said ''Hey were in your dept. besides we have a vacation for you and Candice.'' Ethan said ''A vacation or mission. Come on Candice lets go."
Sent in by Neal Both For Possible difficultly setting, when you beat the game the credits play. after this you are put back into the embassy (where you put the smoke generators in). The Infogrames staff is there and as you talk to each one your life increases. Don't shoot anyone because they will shoot back. You talk to everyone plus the pianist and your life bar will be full. you will get a bonus animation of Ethan and Candice coming down the stairs and going into a full on kissing. There will be confetti all over and the Infogrames team will applaud.

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