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Mario Tennis

Sent in by Pazza When you win a cup, the ending is different depending on which player you use.
MARIO: Mario celebrates, then Wario appears by warp pipe and steals the trophy.
LUIGI: Luigi dances for a while, then he trips and Laukita Bros steals the trophy. 

PEACH: Peach dances with the trophy.

BABY MARIO: BM tries to lift the cup, but it is to heavy.Yoshi appears, 
grabs the cup with his jaws, and tells BM to get on his back. BM lands 
on Yoshi's back so hard, Yoshi drops the trophy 

YOSHI: Yoshi swallows the cup, and is surprised to find that the cup is 
now a golden egg. 

DK: DK beats his chest holding the cup, then he spots a bunch of bananas, 
and throws away the trophy. 

PARATROOPA: Paratroopa shows off in front of 4 Koopas. 

DKJR: DKJR celebrates and jumps into DK's arms. 

WARIO: Wario tries to catch the cup, but he trips and misses. 
WALUIGI: Waluigi taunts Luigi. Luigi leaves,annoying Waluigi
DASIY: Dasiy shows off to the crowd and trips over. 

TOAD: Toad throws the cup into the air, it hits Toad on the head, 
causing him to throw seeds everywhere. 

BIRDO: Birdo fires eggs into the air, but one egg comes back and hits her. 

BOWSER: 4 Boos guard the cup, but Bowser scares them away using 
his fire breath. 

BOO: Boo is being thrown into the by 4 smaller Boos. Boo vanishes 
for a second and then reappears, scaring the other Boos. 

SHY GUY: Shy Guy celebrates using his propeller to dance. 

If you beat STAR CUP the credits will roll afterwards.

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