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Mario Party 3

Sent in by Sammie Spitz After beating Waluigi's Island, he'll run off, seething over his loss. The Millennium Star, surprised by your victory, will give you the last Start Stamp. The Stamp Card starts flashing. Then, your character starts dancing around. Once he/she's done striking his/her victory stance, the Millennium Star will give you a little whack and tell you. He'll say that there is still one final fight. As your character tries to figure it out, he asks, "Do you really want to know?". He then reveals that he is the last challenger. He challenges you to beat a mini-game called "Stardust Battle", in which you fight with him. After you beat him, your character will request that he make him/her the Superstar of the universe. The Millennium Star looks a bit worried and then tells you something he probably should have said a long time before...he's not really the Millennium Star (I thought he looked a bit old for a newborn)! He flys off and leaves your character slumped in depression. Suddenly, the top of Tumble's dice hat opens and reveals a smaller and possibly brighter star. He goes over to your character and says he's the REAL Millennium Star. He's been watching you all this time from Tumble's head and he likes what he sees. He grant's your character's wish and takes it a step further. He makes your character an ULTRA STAR! He also gets you out of the toy box. Then, the scene goes from a far view of the paper castle to a view of the real one. Your character strikes a pose with the star and Tumble and lettering comes saying "Your the Superstar."
Then the credits roll, featuring characters from the game. When the credits are over, it will show a scene of all the characters relaxing outside, with Wario and Waluigi fighting and Yoshi chasing butterflies while the others just sit. Then it shows the box of a board game that says "Mario Party" on it. A blue dice gets thrown into it. When you play in that file again, your character's image has been carved into the mountain over the castle!

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