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Mario Party

Sent in by Dr. Omicron After beating the Eternal Star board, you'll see the broken, defaced star for a second. The screen flashes to white, and the star reassembles itself back together again to form a giant star (complete with eyes). The four characters playing will be standing on the giant star, now much smaller, comparing it to the size of the characters, and other characters playing a role in Eternal Star, like Boo. The character in first walks to the front of the star, and says his/her winning phrase, with the words "You are the Superstar" on the bottom, as usual. The star is zooming through space, with a blur of stars, like what you see in Star Wars. The screen fades to white again, and you see the Mushroom Village at night in the Mushroom Bank. A big picture of the star appears on the blackboard, and the camera goes out of the bank. A big star moves and spins around the village, and the camera looks upward, and you see the night sky. That's where the credits are. When you see some names, a star zooms by with a character on it. It starts with Mario, then the other playable characters, then the board characters, starting with the main ones (Toad, Koopa Troopa, Boo, Bowser), then the other ones, like Whomp and the Doorkeeper. It then shows the citizens of the Mushroom Village, and finally, Mario again. It then shows the giant star with the characters I mentioned standing on it. Fades to black and the game resets.
Sent in by Usagi DK's Jungle Adventure: After the superstar is announced, stars gather in the middle of the board and a treasure is uncovered. Everyone but the loser stands there. The loser is chased of the board by a bolder. Mario's Rainbow Castle: A rainbow forms that leads to the top of the castle. Everyone climbs up, but the loser slides back down and lakitu comes to bring him to the top. He just keeps floating while the others "celebrate" Peach's Birthday Cake: The Cake is filled with candles, and everyone gathers in the middle with the winner in front. The loser gets bitten by a piranha plant. Yoshi's tropical island: A star path let's the Yoshi's reunite, and everyone gathers there. The loser gets swallowed up by the fish. Wario's Battle Canyon: The red and black bob-ombs make peace, and a cute half black, half red flag with a white bob-omb waves. The winner is in the middle, with a black and red bob-omb on either side. The loser gets blasted out of Bowser's canon. Luigi's engine room: The engine starts up, revealing that it belongs to a flying ship. The winner stands up front of the ship, while the loser gets his but steamed by Bowser on the ? spaces. Bowser's Magma mountain: Everyone (even the loser) beats up Bowser. Mini Game Island: After beating toad in slot car derby, he gives you a game for beating him (Bumper Ball Maze 1) and says some text. I beat it with peach, and he said: "Wow, you really are a superstar! Now I understand why Bowser kidnaps you. Why, even I... uh, never mind." If you beat all 50 minigames as well, he gives you another minigame (Bumber Ball Maze 2). None of these minigames can be found on the boards.
Sent in by Tommy Lop Wild west stage After the play ends and toad totals up the stars it will show Bowser robing the bank and the winner coming and having a gun fight with him. The winner will win the gun fight and Bowser will run off saying ow you corked me. Pirate Land A koopa troopa finds the hidden treasure. Just then captain Bowser comes in and captures him. then the winner of the game will come up and get in a sword fight with Bowser. The winner will puncture Bowser and he will run off the koopa troopa will give the treasure to the winner. Space Land After the game is over a red alert will sound and all the koopa troopas will evacuate the station. One will be left behind and black hole Bowser will come and start shooting at the koopa. The winner will step out and fire a blast at Bowser this will deflect off a shield and he will laugh that a shield protects him in the front so the winning character will run around making him dizzy until he shows his back and then the winning character will shoot Bowser again and you will see him fly off. Mystery Land At the end of the game a koopa troopa will find an ideal of a bob-bomb. At that time sphinx Bowser will appear and ask who it is in the shadow. (The shadow will be that of Bowser.) But the koopa troopa will guess a cow and be turned into stone. Just at that time the winner will step in and Bowser will ask him of the same riddle. The winner will guess him and he will disappear. The idle of the bob-bomb will break revealing a bob-bomb and he says thanks for rescuing me and by friends at that time they will be beam up into a space that looks like a bob-bomb. Horror Land At the end it will show koopa troopa being scared by a ghost. At that time Bowser will appear and ask him if he is OK. Koopa troopa says yes before realizing it that it is Bowser. Bowser will turn the troopa into a frog. Just then the winner will appear and start fighting Bowser in the end it will show Bowser being turn into a frog and hoping away. Bowser castle
At the end of this world it will show a koopa troopa being bullied by Bowser. The winning character will show up and the koopa troopa will run off. Bowser will start blowing fire at the winning character. they will dodge it and then he will say go head grab on to by tail and throw be out of here. The character will run and grab Bowsers tail at that time he will turn into metal Bowser and start trashing the winning character. That other players will show up and root for the winning character and give them all of there stars. The winning character will then grab on to metal Bowser and throw him out into space. Then it will show Bowser landing on the stage while toad says something like with the defeat of Bowser Mario land is free or something like that. Then it will show the cast including Bowser and toad will say why is Bowser and Mario getting along so well maybe this will be one of the new attractions of Mario land. then the credits will roll.

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