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Mario Kart 64

Sent in by Mike Radon
Okay, we've probably all seen the trophy presentation. Well, if beaten on 150cc Special Cup, You get to see sweet camera angles on all the courses and the credits. Then it ends focusing on Peach's Castle and Mario says, "Hey, you-a very good! See you next time!" Now, if the N64 is reseted, you will see a different picture at the start. Go into 1 or 2-player, go to Mario GP and you will notice an Extra Circuit. These are mirrored tracks which means all the turns go from left to right and vice versa. Except Toad's Turnpike which has the traffic go towards you which makes for a difficult drive. This option also appears in Vs. Mode but there's nothing you can do in there that will affect the game. If you beat Extra Special Cup, The SAME ending plays and ends the same way and I personally, felt ripped off.

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