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Mace: The Dark Age

Sent in by Gumbo50 After defeating Grendel, You see a cinematic of your character looking around while standing on a mysterious platform, then runs across a bridge as it collapses behind him. You reach a circular arena with Asmodeus' symbol on it and in a flash Asmodeus appears and starts seriously whooping you up. If you are good enough (or have the Game Shark) you can defeat him and get a very rewarding ending. The ground starts braking up and Asmodeus falls over. It opens up even more to reveal a lava pit and Asmodeus is pulled towards it as he desperately claws at the ground to save himself. He is then totally taken in by the lava and a huge cylinder of light shoots out of the ground and you stick your hand in and have the mace in your hand. Then you stick it high in the air and scream. It then proceeds with the book opening up and telling your particular characters story. It's very rewarding.
Sent in by Matt Robertson If you defeat the game with Pojo, he grabs the mace in his beak and grows really big. It then tells you that he feels the strength of 10 thousand chickens and he attacks the world. People describe him as breathing fire which caused the belief of dragons.

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