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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Sent in by Jordan Liles
After defeating Ganondorf, he unleashes one last bit of energy to bring the castle down. The castle begins to crumble on the sides, giving way to walk down the castle. You are given three minutes to get all the way down. Halfway down, Zelda will be captured with fire around her. Link must defeat two Stalfos (skeletons with swords and shields) to release Zelda. After going all the way down and seeing the castle crumble to pieces Zelda says,"It's is finally over." Then a rock crumbling sound is heard. Link looks in amazement and walks over to where the sound was heard. Ganondorf comes out of the ground and transforms into a beast with two huge sword-like-axes. Then Ganondorf chops the master sword out of Link's hands and it strikes into the ground. Then Link and Ganon get surrounded by fire. Using his sword, Link continuously rolls under Ganon's legs and pops him in his tail 10 times. Ganon falls. Zelda calls for Link to come retrieve the master sword. He does and Ganon arises once more. Link uses the same strategy and hits him in the tail 10 more times when the most awesome part of the entire game comes. Zelda tells Link to take the final blow. You swing and swing over and over and blood goes everywhere and Ganon has been defeated. Zelda and Link then stand up in the clouds and Zelda talks about that she will not remember him when he goes back in time. It shows Ganon saying, "Curse you Zelda and Curse you Link." Then it shows ALL of the good guys from the game having a party at Lon Lon Ranch. Then Link goes back in time and his fairy goes up to the stain-glass window and the church bells ring. Before that, Link returned to Zelda's garden where he first met her in the game. Link see's her looking through the window at... guess who? GANONDORF. Now, it does not show Ganondorf but that is definitely why she is looking in the window. Earlier in the game when you met her, she said she was peering through the window toward Ganondorf. Anyways, she turns around and is startled and Zelda looks at Link and they are both seen from a side camera shot and the picture goes still and then black and white. After all the credits roll, it says, "Presented by Nintendo."

Sent in by ZeldaFanatic If you get all of the Gold Skulltula's and beat the game. When it shows the fishing pond guy and the other guys dancing look to the far left and you get a glimpse at the last guy in the House of Skulltula's.

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