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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Sent in by Kevin/Skaterlord The ending begins at midnight of the final day. When you first go to the top of the clock tower and the countdown starts. When you go up there the skull kid is already up there. As soon as you get up there, Tael (Tatl's brother) yells "sis!!!" Tatl And Tael talk about the 4 giants for a minute. Then skull kid smacks Tael. That makes Tatl mad. Skull kid talks for a second and then makes his real annoying sound. That is when you pull out your ocarina and play the Oath to Order. If you hit him before you play the Oath to Order he will just say "That won't do you any Hee. Hee." Play the Oath to Order and the ground starts shaking. At this time you can hear the 4 giants in the background. It goes into a cinematic and shows The moon starting moving towards the earth and the 4 giants come from The Ocean, The Mountain, The Swamp, and The Canyon. They all reach up and crab the moon and stop it from moving and the freeze there.
It goes back to the clock tower and the fairies think it is over. They talk for a minute. Then skull kid floats up and Majoras Mask starts talking. The mask drops skull kids body and makes the moon start moving and the giants start shaking. The fairies say something to Link. Link runs to the portal looking thing and it takes him to the moon. After that it shows link standing in a green field.

You are in control of Link again. Walk straight to the big tree. If you have all the masks you can talk to all of the kids running around the tree and they will want to "Play" give them your masks (you will get them back!) complete there little mini dungeons (and get the heart pieces) until you don't have any more masks. After you do that go to the kid sitting in front of the tree and talk to him and he will want to "Play" to but he will notice that you have no masks. So he will give you one. It is the Fierce Deity's Mask. Which will turn you into Fierce Deity who is an adult warrior that has a big sword that shoots little disk type projectiles when you Z target and enemy. The only bad thing about this mask is that you can only use it on bosses. OK, You agree to "Play" with him. You will enter a weird room. After you take a couple steps forward the four masks you got for beating the four bosses come out of your chest. Now is a good time to put on Fierce Deity's Mask. If you don't have it.....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! Majoras mask comes off the wall in front of you. Now it is time to fight. I found it is easier to just stand as far away as I can and Z Target and shoot him. After two shots the 4 masks come off the walls and just hit them a couple time and they will fall on the ground and disappear. Kill all 4 masks and hit Majoras mask like 3 more times and it will stop moving and sprout legs arms and a little lazer. He is called Majoras Incarnation. He just dances around. so hit him like 5-6 times and he should stop. Then his arms and legs will get bigger and he should grow a head. with the lazer on top of his head. And he grows whips on his arms. It should say Majoras Wrath at the bottom. Hit him like 15 times and he should be dead.

It shows earth again back at clocktown the moon goes back up in the sky.
Everyone is standing around cheering. The screen turns white. It says 
DAWN OF A NEW DAY. You wake up Tatl and Tael are floating in front of 
you.They say. "Aah he's awake!" You sit up. Your horse is behind you. The 
view looks up at the four giants who are looking at you. Then it looks 
down at skull kid without Majoras mask. He says "You guys... You hadn't 
forgotten about me?" The giants make a noise. " You still thought of me 
as a friend?" The fairies fly over to skull kid and the giants walk away. 
"Did you... Did you save me?" "I thought they didn't want to be friends 
with me." "But the hadn't forgotten about me..." "Friends are a nice thing 
to have... Heh. Heh." "Could you be my friend too?" He walks up to you and 
sniffs you. "Eh-Hee-Hee...You have the same smell as the fairy kid who 
taught me that song in the woods." "I know I know Lets do something." 
The screen shows the mask man holding Majoras mask He says. "Oh...So 
the evil has left the mask after all..." "Well, now... I finally have it back." 
"Since I am in the midst of my travels..." "I must bid you Farewell." 
"Shouldn't you be returning home as well?" "Whenever there is a meeting. 
A parting Sure to follow." "How ever that parting need not last for ever." 
"Wether a parting last forever or merely for a short time... that is up to 
you." "With that please excuse me..." He turns around and walks away. He 
stops looks back and says " sure have managed to make quite a 
number of people happy." "The masks you have are filled with happiness.
This is truly a good happiness." He disappears. Tatl says "Well, both of us 
have gotten what we were after... so this is where you and I part ways 
isn't it? You know... it was kind of fun." "Well it's almost time for the 
carnival to begin..." "So. why don't you just leave and go about your business? 
The rest of us have a carnival to go to." Link nods his head jumps on his 
horse and gallops away. Tatl yells "Link!" "I'll Miss you!" 

The screen starts rolling the credits they start in front of clocktown. 
Then In the milk Bar. Then the Great Bay. Then the Pirates Fortress. Then 
Ikana canyon. Then it shows the deku King Princess and the monkey. Then 
the milk bar the girls are dancing the dance you taught them. Then The big 
fairies. Then it shows the girls on the ranch. Then the elderly woman in 
clock town. Then crog and the chickens on romani ranch. Then it goes to the 
milk bar again and the Indy Go Gos are playing. Then It shows the Guy holding 
his daughter in ikana canyon. Then Kafe and Anjus wedding. Then it goes back 
to where the game first started. The screen turns black then it shows you 
riding Epona in the woods. Then the screen turns white then it shows the 
woods again and it zooms in on a tree stump that has a drawing of Link 
Skull kid and the 4 giants on it. It plays A little bit of the song from the 
lost woods. It says The End at the bottom.

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