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Jet Force Gemini

Sent in by AskPete When you beat Mizar for the first time (as Lupus), Mizar falls to the ground. When Lupus goes over to his body, Mizar wakes up, and tells you that you are fools for thinking you could kill him that easily. He then flies away, and lands on a flying asteroid. You then meet King Jeff again, who says that the asteroid is heading towards your home planet (Earth), and that your Jet Force ships will not be able to get to the asteroid fast enough to land on it. However, he does have an ancient spaceship that his ancestors first used to go to Goldwood, which could get you to the asteroid. But, there are twelve pieces missing from the ship, and you must find them all for the ship to be able to fly. Eleven of those pieces are scattered around the planets and ships you have been exploring, but the twelfth piece (the Stabilizer) is being held by King Jeff, and he will not give it to you until you rescue every single Tribal in the game. To make it a bit easier, he upgrades everyone's armor, and gives everyone jet packs. He also turns Lupus into a tank. When you get all the parts, the Tribals help put the ship together, and you fly to the asteroid. The ship crashes, and Juno is sent out to find Mizar, while Vela, Lupus and King Jeff stay to fix the ship. Once Juno reaches Mizar, Vela and Lupus come to help Juno. Mizar shoots three fireballs out at the Jet Force team, knocking out Vela and Lupus. Since Juno is resistant to fire, he survives the blast, and prepares to fight Mizar. Once Juno kills Mizar, his body goes flying out into space. Only his robotic head remains. The head rolls towards the Jet Force team, and out of it, comes Barry, Jeff's brother. Barry reveals that he was jealous of Jeff's power, so he left the Tribal colony and created Mizar. He says that while Mizar is dead, the asteroid is still heading for Earth, and there is no way to stop it. However, Floyd interrupts and says that he is willing to sacrifice his life to save the human race. They strap some dynamite to him, and he flies through the inside of the asteroid to the center, where he explodes with enough force to send the pieces of the asteroid away from Earth, just as the ancient spaceship is leaving. They land on Earth, where they are taken inside the Jet Force headquarters. They are all given medals for their bravery. Then, as the credits roll, we see Juno disco dancing at the nightclub on Ichor, and Vela looking embarrassed and holding her head in her hands. Lupus is dancing a bit too.

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