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Hybrid Heaven

Sent in by Kopek First off, this was a much longer game than I had anticipated, so I don't blame you for skipping that and going here. After fighting six end bosses, you and the President finally make it to the surface. The President thanks you heartily for your single-handed saving of the U.S. and the world, but then orders you to take a vacation. Amidst this, they realize that the date is December 24: Christmas Eve. The President says he will take care if the clone President and goes on his way. Johnny hitchhikes a ride from a Cuban truck driver and gets him to take him to D.C. Along the way, he sees on a little T.V. in the truck that the clong President was attacked onstage by none other than the real President. He is happy, of course. The next scene is in front of the White House and it's enormous Christmas tree, and Johnny's woman is standing there looking quite sad in lonely out in the cold. She turns around to see him standing about 20 feet from her, and they both wish each other a Merry Christmas along with tears of joy. The story ends.

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