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Harvest Moon 64

Sent in by The Great Twister Right when you go to sleep on the eve of judgment day you see your dad talking to all of the town people. The people will tell your dad how you did in the area they specialize in. Like the Midwife will say how you did with all the girls and the rancher will say how you did with animals. Then he comes to your farm and tells you how well you did with livestock and gardening. Then your wife(if you have one) will come and tell you its ready. Whats ready is a party you're throwing. All your friends will come. You know you got a friend when some person comes with gifts all the time. If you have the entire town as your friends you better get a deck of cards cause you're going to be there for a while. After your party if you have every picture, 4 cows, 4 sheep, 6 chickens, something shipped everyday, won every festival, every friend, a wife, a child and the best answer from everyone your grandfather will come in your dream and give you anything you want. Then a cool song will come and you see the credits.

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