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Goldeneye 007

Sent in by Will Shaw For Aztec (beat all Secret Agent), a very cool space ship launches from a station place, and Bond is standing there and watching the take-off.
Sent in by Bond If you beat the Temple on any hardness, you walk down a corridor and Baron Samedai is seen walking behind you (sneaking) then he stops and laughs for a bit.
Sent in by Eric Beiswanger This is the Game Ending on Agent (easy) mode. You confront the leader of the Janus Coporation, Alec Trevelyan and he jumps of the platform falling to his death. You jump off the platform onto the bottom of a helicopter which takes you to safety. You then met up with Natalya in the jungle and you kiss her, a long long kiss . The game then shows the credits, like the credits from a movie like when it says staring: James Bond, Alec Trevelyan, also featuring .... ect... You then ( after beating the game on easy) have access to 33 players in the multi-player mode including Jaws, Oddjob, Scientist, ect.... and you get a cougar magnium for the rest of the game.

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