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Goemon's Great Adventure

Sent in by Dochuki Once you defeat Dochuki (if you lost against Devil Death or Dochuki, he becomes a second form) He falls too the floor and his body disappears, revealing a spirit. Goemon thought it was all over, when Dochuki says he will find another body, soon after, Ebisumaru says "Halt! I am a Ninja of justice!" And uses poison mist, which combines with Dochuki's soul and he says "EEEWWW! This material is mixing with my inner being!" Ebisumaru laughs that he destroyed Dochuki, and saying he is strong, Yea, Sasuke and Goemon are lying on the platform, all of them say "Intensely strong..." Then it goes all the way back to the wise mans house! Goemon and the group talks in Japanese again, and Ebisumaru shows a baby,they say it looks just like him, and Wise man says he made a new machine, when he reveals it too be the second device too create people from the past, once this happens, Bismaru appears and says she'll take this one too, then the baby inches toward a red button, Wise man says "NO! DON'T TOUCH THAT! THATS THE..." Then it shows outside Wise mans house, with Goemon and Miss Impact, with a large explosion, then Wise man finishes his sentence with the "SELF DESTRUCT BUTTON!!". Then it shows things of goemon and friends and some cut scenes have goemon and the group in different clothes! One is Goemon in a turban and cloth only, Ebisumaru is wearing nothing but a black thing over his waist, Yea wears a funny suit and Sasuke wears a leapord skin, then it even shows the entire group at the Mokeke bus stop, then Ebisumaru does poison mist and they all jump away, then,the end, once you start the game again, there's much more too do now!! If you see the codes, you can buy different costumes and even four player mode!

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