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Duke Nukem 64

Sent in by Stu Pididiot Duke Nukem has 3 different endings, depending on which episode you are on.

L.A. Meltdown

Duke sees a bunch of babes being loaded onto a spaceship after defeating the Battlelord, so he sets on Auto Destruct and goes aboard the ship to rescue the babes and kick some more butt!

Lunar Apocalypse

Duke sees the face of the Cycloid Emperor who says something about Duke being distracted while aboard the spaceship, giving them time to take L.A. captive once more. Then you rocket back down to earth to whip butt one more time.

Schrapnel City

Duke and the dead Cycloid Emperor are in the center of the stadium. Duke breathes hard, and kicks the Cycloid Emerors single eye out. It goes through the goalpost, and it shows Duke, saying "Game...Over!!!". Also, instead of the signs reading "Duke Nukem Must Die!!!", they read "GOAL GOAL".

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