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Diddy Kong Racing

Sent in by Tony Myers When you beat Wizpig he gets really mad and disappears. Then Taj and TT come and they join your character. You decide to have a party. It is by the light house and everybody's happy. Wizpig is behind it and he crashes the party. He says something, and his spaceship comes and tries to blast the good guys. It beams up Wizpig and zooms into space, where the battle is continued. The credits roll and you get a magic code. To get them all you need to beat Wizpig many times! This is the 2nd ending! When you beat Wizpig in Future Fun Land (the space world) his rocket gets glitchy and he crashes into a planet. Back on Timber's Island everyone, even the bosses, is throwing another party. The Wizpig face in the mountain is changed to Taj. Then Wizpig's ship comes again and Wizpig laughs. In the credits you now also see Dragon Forest and Future Fun Land. It says "To Be Continued...", you get another magic code, and it shows the times you need to beat to play against T.T. in that course. The endings for Adventure Two (mirror tracks) are the same as the endings for the regular tracks, except in the credits the tracks are mirrored.

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