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Cruis'n World

Sent in by Jon Roche' When you beat the Florida track a helicopter with a crane magnet comes down to pick you up and it puts you in a spaceshuttle and the spaceshuttle goes to the moon. Then the credits roll. When the credits are done then you get to race on the moon!
Sent in by Orlando These are the endings when you finish championship: Begginer championship The cars are running in a track then comes your car and says we`re cruisin now. Then they go and the credits roll. When they finish you`re in pro championship. Pro championship You`re car comes and a spaceship takes it and a woman's voice says: Oooh! wahoo! Then the credits roll. When they finish you`re in master with the bonus level. Master championship The cars go running in a wall then a wall appears then the cars then the wall (you get the idea). It won't stay like that because one time it appears the cars crash it and they go over some grass, then the credits roll. When they finish you're still in master championship. You may change the difficulty but that's another thing.

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