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Command and Conquer 64

Sent in by Shawn Hoskins For Global defense initiative after last level cut scene shows tank assault on nod temple but tanks stop and orcas fly over head, suddenly screen shows Cane he looks up and ion cannon strike breaks through the roof, Cane spreads his arms knowing he is as good as dead and the ion cannon slowly moves toward him, he screams and flys backward as the building is demolished.then the after mission screen pops up and stats are totaled.then the credits scroll down and you can press any button to go back to the title screen. For Nod after the mission inside the temple a screen comes down and you see cane he says stuff about thanks and now we rule the earth and that junk that all psycho leaders say. After a win he explains that he is about to put a satellite in space that uses the ion cannon data you stole from gdi. The satellite is launched and a picture of the white house starts out and almost instantly is destroyed then the mission screen pops up and the stats are totaled. Then credits scroll as before.

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