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Sent in by Mike Waters Here is a different ending for Reinhardt. Dracula stands and acts hurt for a moment, then starts laughing and says, "You think you won. But to save the world is not so easy." Then he says he will destroy you, but his cape falls to the floor and burns. Reinhardt says, "Rosa... you are avenged." Malus comes out from the corner and asks, "Is Dracula dead?" Reinhardt says, "Ah..." Malus: "Can we be sure he'll never return?" Reinhardt: "Well... that depends on what people do in future." Then Malus and Reinhardt ride on a slow walking horse and Reinhardt says that Dracula is once again exterminated and when he returns, it will be long after Reinhardt's death. He also says that it's the curse of those who inherit the blood of the Belmonts. Reinhardt also says that when Dracula returns, someone else will rise to destroy him... maybe even this lad here (talking about Malus). Malus looks up and says, "Excuse me?" Reinhardt says it's nothing, then says, "Let's go home." and the horse trots faster toward the village. Then, just as in the ending before, the credits roll, it saves your special items and lets you pick hard mode the next time you play. Carrie's normal mode ending: Like Reinhardt, she finds Malus after the battle and they ride back on a cart. Malus asks Carrie to marry him and pressures her to say yes, but she says that they are far too young. Malus asks what if he becomes a brave warrior when they are old enough, and Carrie says she'll think about it, but Malus says, "No, you must decide now! Say you'll be my bride!" Carrie reluctantly says yes at this point, and Malus says, "Good. Now we have a binding contract." Carrie says, "What did you say?" and Malus says, "Oh... nothing." (Beat it in hard mode and you'll learn why what Malus said resembles that of one of the other villains) The credits roll after this, with the game saving your secret crystal if you found it, and offering you the option of playing on hard mode next time.
Sent in by Thomas Jobe Reinhardt: You are standing outside of the sunken castle when suddenly Rosa appears, and she is alive. You and Rosa talk about how the resurrection of Count Dracula will never end as long as people keep going down the evil path, but then you talk about how if people have hope that they can conquer any evil. Then you and Rosa go home. Carrie: You are standing outside of the Sunken Castle, and then you appear at your mother's grave. You set some flowers onto the grave, and then you look toward the sky. When the ending finishes, the game will save the special artifact that you found in the Forest of Silence, and then you can select Hard mode from your formal save game.

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