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Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

After You see the regular ending, and you have all Gardian Armor and custom parts, you get to the end of the of the credits. Then Regulas is on a spaceship, saying "HA Ha HA. Phase three of the plan is complete. Soon Bomberman will see my true power." He's holding the Omni Cube, with a side missing. "Now, to see were those to (Jedi) are....
You then see pictures of the final boss in Kirby 64, an Alien called Alcronus, Ash Kechame and Misty, A dark colored winged alien, Max from Bomberman Max, and the Omni Cube with Regulas. Then Bomberman says, "Pommy, hide the stones. find regulas. Now." THE END

Sent in by Extreme Bomber
If you lose to Mihaele, Bomberman will lay on the ground, not moving, and Pommy will shout: "Bomberman!" And run over to him. He'll then say: "Bomberman's dead... "Mihaele will say that sacrifices must be made before the universe is recreated, and that the sacrifice may be great, but in the end it'll all be worth it. Pommy will become angry and say: "Give us Lilith back!!!" Mihaele will hit Pommy into the wall, and leave the room shortly after. Pommy goes after her, but remembers Bomberman, and stays in the room. He says that even if the universe is recreated, he won't be happy at all. The Elemental Stones then combine, and revive Bomberman. When you get to Rukifellth, after you beat him, you'll face Demon of the Dark, Stheroth, then Chaos, Stheroth. If you beat them all, Rukifellth will temporarily turn back to good, and Lilith will appear. After some talking, a light appears in the arena, and Rukifellth dies, turning back to evil Stheroth again. He starts to destroy the ship, and threatens to kill them all with the ship. The group goes inside the light, and goes back to the ship, but not in it yet. Stheroth laughs, and says: "Ha ha ha ha ha!! Now no one can stop me!!!".
Pommy: Come on!! We have to go now! Before the ship blows up!
Bomberman: *nods*
Lilith: No...I can't just leave Rukifellth here alone... 
Pommy: Why not!?
Lilith: Pommy, Bomberman...leave without me, please. *walks into 
the light*
Pommy: No!! *he and Bomberman run after her, but the light closes.* 
Pommy mews,and then runs into the ship. Bomberman stays, and 
backs up. Pommy yells after him,and says to come on. He then 
runs in the ship, and they blast off. The credits then roll with the 
ship in space as the background. 
If you beat Mihaele, and Demon of the Dark, Stheroth, Mihaele and Stheroth will combine, and Mihaele says: "Bomberman, if you wish to keep the universe as it is, you must oppose the angel. The fate of the universe is in your hands, Bomberman. "Then, you face The Angel of Light and Dark, Creator of the Universe. It's a tough battle, but winning it will bring you the good ending. Rukifellth and Lilith turn back to normal, and Bomberman gets ready to fight, but Rukifellth says: "Relax, I'm not going to fight you, Bomberman. "Bomberman lets down his stance, and Rukifellth and Lilith say thanks enough to make you barf. Then, all the Astral Knights, which are now the Elemental Knights appear, revived by the power of the Elemental Stones. They then say thanks enough to make you commit suicide (don't get any ideas). After that, Bulzeeb, or Regulus does not appear, thought dead, but comes back, and says thanks. He then leaves, and Rukifellth and Lilith say thank you to Pommy and Bomberman. Pommy and B-man then go in their ship, and leave. The credits roll, and it shows game outakes, like Pommy screwing up B-man's ship, Lilith hurting herself when doing one of her many famous landings right after a knight battle is finished, and Rukifellth playing a joke on Lilith. Then, it shows the Astral Knight battles, and what the game would be like if Bomberman talked, and the planets were safe.

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