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Bomberman 64

Sent in by Hawk
The end guy crouches down and Orion jumps down and grabs him. He starts flying off and the bad guy says something like you'll pay! He flies off and then you see the outside of the fortress. Sirus picks you up and flies you to safety while the black fort flies away. He drops you next to some animals and he says how disappointed he is that he survived and that he will never see Bomberman again. He flies off and Bomberman says "Whoo, that was close!" Then the credits roll.

Sent in by Snaily
If you get 100 gold cards and defeat Altair again Sirius will come down and steal the Omni Cube. After that he destroys Altair and you get to go to a new level, Rainbow Palace. When you reach the end of it you have to fight Sirius again. Halfway through the battle Regulus will show up and help you out. When you defeat Sirius he falls and explodes. Then the Rainbow Palace falls down and lands on the Black Fortress, causing it to explode. Regulus takes you back to the ground and says he'll be back. Then the other Bomberman cheers with you and the sequences during the credits are different.
Sent in by Daniel If you get all the gold cards through out the game and you beat Altar you get the next stage called rainbow palace. After you beat this stage you get another ending.

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