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Body Harvest

Sent in by Moocow121 After you kick in the Hivemind, Daisy says "It's time to get out of there", but then, you are stopped by the alien in the black suit. He says he was made to be superior to you, and after you killed the Hivemind, he became heir to the power. He then turns into a big monster, and brings out 2 scorpions to help him. After you defeat him, daisy tells you to finish him off. You then get out of the Alpha1, and blast him in the head. He screams, says he was made from a drop of your blood, and was cloned, and is your brother, and killing him would be like killing a part of you. Then Alpha1 flies out of the comet, just as it blows up, and it heads for home. The credits roll, it then congratulates you and gives you your stats. Then it shows Adam, and Daisy kissing. THE END

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