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Sent in by Pete
After you beat the quiz: Gruntilda can't believe that you got a high enough score to beat the quiz game, and thinks you must have cheated, so she declares the win invalid due to faulty machinery (unlike a certain recent election). She wonders what she should do now, until Kazooie tells her she can run and hide somewhere like she did in the last game. Grunty decides to do that, because she has a rocket built into her stand, and she flies up to the top of the tower. The door to the gun chamber opens, and Banjo runs through, with Kazooie in the pack. They reach the control panel for the B.O.B., but even with the two big buttons marked "Blow" and "Suck", Banjo can't work out what to do. Kazooie starts hitting buttons at random, while Jamjars shouts at her and tells her not to do that. Fortunately, Kazooie hits the "Blow" button, and the auto-targeting system fires the life force back into Jingaling's castle, bringing him back to life, and putting color back into the castle. Banjo then aims the machine at Bottles, who is still lying dead in front of the wreckage of Banjo's house, and Kazooie starts smashing buttons again. In another stroke of luck, she hits the "Blow" button, and Bottles is brought back to life. He looks at his watch, realizes he is late for dinner, and runs home. When he gets home, Mrs. B. is very angry, because his fish and chips are burned (by the way, the fish is Roysten, who you helped from under a rock early in the game), but she's going to make him eat it anyway, not believing any of Bottles' story. Suddenly, King Jingaling and Klungo run inside, and tell the story of what happened. Mrs. B. believes them, and goes off to make some scones for a party.

After you beat Gruntilda: When you shoot the last egg at her, she starts to panic, and her machine explodes. Banjo and Kazooie decide to go back and check up on the party, but when they get to Bottles' house, they find that the party is over, as Klungo ate all the food, and everyone is too tired to do anything. Jamjars blames Banjo and Kazooie for taking too long, and Kazooie is angry with Jamjars because he stayed in his silo the whole time. Mumbo laughs at Humba Wumba because she didn't leave her wigwam the whole game, but Wumba threatens to turn Mumbo into a frog, and Mumbo threatens to summon the giant golden statue to beat her up. Banjo wants everyone to stop arguing, so Kazooie asks everyone to go outside for a "kick around". Jamjars doesn't know what that is, so they go outside to find out. On the top of Cauldron Keep, Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo, Humba Wumba and Jamjars kick Gruntilda's skull to each other, and have a lot of fun doing so. Gruntilda threatens to get her revenge in Banjo-Threeie, while Captain Blubber flies around outside in a flying saucer.

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