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Sent in by Mathew M.
When you get past Grunty's Furnace Fun (Gruntilda's gameshow) She then says "No, this can't be! I was assured, By the makers of this board!..." She then runs off into a tunnel to the right of where she was standing. The cam then switches to Banjo and Kazooie and talk about getting which prize. They end up getting Tooty. The credits then roll, having a major character say ridiculous jobs and peoples' names with a "nickname" that's also a character in the game (i.e. Howard "Limbo" Lincoln Limbo was Mad Monster Mansion's skeleton). At the end they have Banjo-Kazooie jumping off Spiral Mountain. They see Topper the Carrot and Kazooie says "Banjo, look, we missed a carrot!" They then either kill him with the Rat-a-Tat Rap or get hurt. Banjo will say "We got 'em!" no matter what happens. They then get to Bottles who decides to have a barbeque party. mumbo Jumbo cooks the meat, Bottles eats the corn and Banjo and Kazooie have a glass of.....something. Tooty then comes and asks "Banjo, why are you partying? Finish the witch!" Everyone then gets surprised and Kazooie bonks Banjo on the head with her glass. Banjo then runs off, with the Turbo Talon Trot song in the background. You appear at the end of Grunty's gameshow.

If you beat Gruntilda, you'll get another ending. When you release the Jinjonator, he breaks free and the other-colored jinjos go into him. Grunty then drops her jaw and the Jinjonator keeps bumping Gruntilda until she falls, landing in Spiral Mountain. The main characters are on a beach with err... someone that never appeared before. Banjo and Kazooie are finishing their drinks, Mumbo's gathering coconuts, Tooty's slurping one, Bottles is nibbling on a watermelon slice, & Captain Blubber is on a jet ski that says "Jet-2000". Banjo then says "Now can we relax?" to Tooty, who says "Sure Banjo." Later Mumbo asks if Banjo has all 100 jiggies. If you don't, then Banjo says "No, we only have XX of them", XX meaning the total no. of jiggies you have. If you DO have all 100 jiggies, Banjo says "We sure do, Mr. Mumbo!" He then shows scenes of Banjo rising Sharkfood Island, getting the ice key, and opening the unopenable door in Gobi's Valley. Kazooie asks Mumbo how to do it, then Mumbo says "Bird rude to Mumbo, me not telling." After a lot of tedious talking, the bunch looks at the sea, and Captain Blubber then steers his little vehicle into the sunset. You then see the rest of the cast, which in total equal more than 80. They go in order of world, Dingpot and Klungo being the first, and the Zubbas and Cheato being the last in the list. You then see Spiral Mountain at night, Klungo pushing the rock that Gruntilda got crushed by, and she says that she'll be back for a rematch. You then see in blue letters the word "THE END" on the screen and it fades out and goes back to the "walking N" scene. NOTE: You only see the cast list and credits once in the game, and when you enter Dingpot with 100 jiggies, you can see the second ending again and see the secrets.

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