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Mission Impossible

Sent in by Tom Votava The final level of this game is HARD, but if you reach the leader of the sinister 7, he'll brag about the missile that's about to be launched and how World War III will begin. After shooting him and trying to exit through the door behind him you fall into a trap door that sends you to an earlier part of the level with all the traps and enemies back as if you had never killed them/shut them off. The next time you reach the leader's room you can proceed further, across the collapsing floor and a few other rooms (use the upper right door) to reach the computer room. Using a password from the scene after area 4 (play the game) for access, you have to play a weird game called Madelinette or something against the computer. To win, you have to teach the computer that it cannot win by playing this game to a tie. This can be done in many ways, but the easiest is to simply move a marker around in circles. After 3 tie games, the computer starts playing against itself, always ending in a tie (like in that old movie "Wargames") until it shuts down with this reply: "Dr. O, this game isn't fun. Can we play another one?" Jim says you have succeeded and the credits begin below the skyline of New York (I have no idea why, since the entire game is played in Europe!)
Sent in by Rey

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