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Menace Beach

Sent in by Mike Waters The ending to this somewhat questionable game is quite uncharacteristic of how Bunny insults your character (whose name might be Scooter, that's the only implication my manual gave me - it might tell his name in the real Menace Beach manual, but I don't have a pure Menace Beach cart - I have Maxi 15, and the instructions for each game are only about a page or 2 in length). After all the stuff she gave you while you were working to get to her, Bunny joins your character at Alex's, the malt shop where they'd planned their date. You can see them in the front window sharing a chocolate malt, which they finish in about 6 drinks. Three hearts then fly up between the two lovebirds, and when the second heart is almost off the screen, Demon Dan pops up from a nearby manhole, apparently fixing his trident spear, and ducks back in just in time, as a skateboard is rolling his way, which might be the one your character used in the game, but it's unclear. When the skateboard is off the screen, the following words appear below the malt shop: "Press A to replay screen Press start to restart game" This ending is an ideal one to be submitted, since you can replay it if you forget it. Through the ending, on either side of the neon sign that flashes Alex's on the left in green and then a malt in red on the right, you can see the the score you achieved at the end and the high score.

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