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Mega Man 4

Sent in by David Perry After you defeat Dr. Wily, he falls down before Mega Man, presumably begging Mega to not hurt him any more. Then he stands up, escapes through a secret rotating door, and all of Skull Castle goes on Red Alert. Then you see Skull Castle from a distance, flashing, and Dr. Wily's escape ship flying away. The castle starts to explode, and you see Mega beam out from it. It explodes in a skull-shaped mushroom cloud. Mega rides home on the roof of a train while some of the closing credits show up underneath. He arrives home to meet Rush and Roll. Then the screen goes dark before showing all of the eight boss robots, and their designers. Finally, "special thanks" credits scroll up, ending finally with Flip Top spitting the letters "CAPCOM" out his head.
Sent in by Rey

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