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Mega Man 3

Sent in by Jean-Philippe Larivire When you beat the final Dr. Wily, blocks start falling from the ceiling. Then a block falls on Dr. Wily, then another one falls on Mega Man. Then the shadow of Proto Man falls on the block that is on Mega Man and breaks it. Then he says: "Where's Wily? Oh no. We don't have enough time!" or something like that. After, Mega Man wakes up with Dr. Light in front of him. Light says: " I found you lying there. I wonder who brought you here!`` or something like that. Then the Proto Man music starts. Light says: "That whistle... it must be Proto Man!" Then Mega Man starts walking on the grass, and at the same time we see the faces of the Mega Man (1) bosses (Elec, Fire, Ice, Cut, Guts and Bomb Man) from #9 to 4 (not necessarily in that order) and Roll, Mega Man and Proto Man (Mega Man' s brother!) from # 3 to 1. Then Mega Man looks at the sky, where there is a picture of Proto Man. Then there are the credits and the Mega Man 3 bosses.
Sent in by Rey

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