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Maniac Mansion

Sent in by Tyler Story You can drain the pool to logn and BOOM! the house explodes Give Dave the glass jar and have the two other kids stay by the ladder to the pool and have Dave drain the water. Have the two other kids enter the pool and then have Dave turn the water back on the two kids should be dead. Then have Dave put the radioactive water in the jar the put it in the microwave oven then then open the oven. When it is done Dave should die.
Sent in by Michael Harrison Dios There are four different endings to the game: One is where you send the meteor off into space in the truck when Dave is still alive...Then this is what happens. Doctor Fred: I'm Sorry my Insane Plan caused you so much trouble... How can I ever repay you for your help? Dave: Cash would be nice.. Doctor Fred: Don't be a Tuna Head... Then the credits start... The second one is where you send the meteor into space in the car when Dave is dead...This is what happens: Doctor Fred: I'm sorry my mad plan cost your boyfriend his life....How can I repay you for what I've done? ..............! Hey! I could build a machine to bring him back to life!... But that's another story. Sandy: Great Then the credits start... The third one is where Wendy gives the book contract to the meteor... This is what happens: Talk Show Host: Welcome back from our break.... We've been talking with the celibrety rock who gave up a life of crime for a career as a writer... So Mr. Meteor, How does it feel to be famous instead of infamous? Well, Wink, It feels great...But I couldn't have done it alone... Then the credits start as usual.... The fourth one is the same as the third one only if Bernard calls the Meteor Police and Wendy gives the contract to the meteor... Then after the meteor is done the cop comes in and says: "I don't care if you've reformed...You're still coming with me!... Then the credits start as usual...
Sent in by Marc D. McCoy Before going into the secret lab, use the yellow key in the Edsel and it will go into space, and the garage will be destroyed. This also destroys the gate that leads to the pool. Now go into the lab, get rid of Purple Tentacle some how, and grab the Meteor, walk into the garage. You will see that you are able to walk through the gate towards the pool (the gate would normally be locked). Now go into the house and go upstairs into the den. Give the Meteor to the plant and it will eat it. It says G-U-L-P!!! Then it goes to the scene outside with Dr. Fred saying "I'm sorry my insane plan...".

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