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Magic of Scheherezade

Sent in by Philip Ward In world 5 "Evil Magician Sabaron" when you finally reach Sabaron, he tells you that he has unleashed Gora-Gora, the Ultimate Evil, and has lost control of it. Unless you stop Gora-Gora, he will destroy the world. Before you are sent to fight Gora-Gora you demand that Scheherezade be released to you. Sabaron tells you that he has put a spell of deception on her, but that she has been with you all the time. You then have to guess which friend is really Scheherezade. If you guess wrong, she dies and you lose. After you defeat Gora-Gora you, the princesses, the king and Scheherezade are taken to the Palace. It is revealed that the Spirit of the Blue Star Irosche is really the princesses, as the first letters from their names spells AIROSCHE. Everyone thanks you and you decide to go on and adventure, and rid the world of evil. However, you promise to return to your sweetheart Scheherezade someday. You and your companions set off on your journey.
Sent in by Rey

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