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Low G Man

Sent in by Mike Waters The game says, "Success!" Then Low G Man walks through each area he conquered as the game says, "It was a hard won fight. But with patience, the galaxy is now safe. As you walk along, know that all the effort was well worth it. Now once again, peace rules all. Have you seen this or this? Two levels are hidden somewhere in this game - find them if you can. The train is in level 1-2 (or maybe they said 2-1, but I did find a hidden train in 1-2. E-Mail me if you want to know how to find it), the battle is over, hope it was fun. You're not done yet - the game's just begun, Kal. Then you see your score, get a password for a tougher version of the game and start over. I think Taxan makes you go through all their games 3 times for the best ending.

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