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Little Nemo the Dream Master

Sent in by Jared Solovay Accompanied by a few pictures, the following dialogue appears: "Morpheus: How can I ever thank you, Nemo? You've saved me and my kingdom. Nemo: Don't mention it. I was just keeping my promise to the Princess. Morpheus: I know, I'll make you Prince of Slumberland. Nemo: Really? Morpheus: Absolutely! I bet Camille would be thrilled. Wouldn't you, sweetheart? Camille: Oh, goody. We can play together everyday. We can have picnics in the Lollipop Forest, explore the Taffy Swamp, I can teach you magic. Oh, it'll be such fun. Nemo: Your land is really wonderful and all but... Morpheus: But what? Camille: Can't you stay? Nemo: Well I'd like to but I promised my mother I'd wake up early every morning. Morpheus: Yes. It's important to keep your promises. Camille: Yeah, sure.... Nemo: I'd better go home now. Can I come back some other night? Morpheus: Of course, you can visit us every time you dream. Nemo: Great, I'll see you soon. Bye Camille. Camille: Wait Nemo, don't go..." She kisses him on the forehead and the scene shifts to the clouds above a city on a starry night. The silhouette of a blimp crosses in front of the moon. We see a close-up of it descending below the clouds. The screen goes blank and it says, "Nemo! Rise and shine. It's a beautiful day." Excited, Nemo looks out from his bedroom window, as the credits roll below.
Sent in by Rey

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