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Kirby's Adventure

Sent in by Kewlio

Less than 100%

You fly down to POPSTAR (Kirby's Homestar) and while riding down, King Dedede flies down. Kirby throws the StarRod right on the bullseye. He flies down near the fountain and stars explode from the StarRod. Then, you see an almost blank screen with stars. Kirby flies up with a warpstar and waves goodbye. Bosses and credits alternate. Then, you see a screen with the fountain. Your ability is Bye-bye. Press a button to return to the title screen. Your game now contains CONTINUE? and Bonus games.

100% First game

Starts like the normal ending of 99% or less but at the end you get an Extra Game screen. Your game now contains CONTINUE? Bonus games and Extra Game. Your game description is EXTRA. 99% or less.

100% Extra Game

Difficult to master Extra game. Starts with 100% First game. Your game's description is PERFECT and it contains CONTINUE?, Bonus Games, Extra Game (Unsaved) and Sound Track. Choose Sound Track and watch Kirby go!

99% or less Extra Game

You get Sound Track and all of that but you can only use Sound Track once while in the 100% Extra Game you can use it whenever you want.
Sent in by Rey

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