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Kid Klown in Night Mayor World

Sent in by Jared Solovay With an accompanying series of pictures, this long narration appears: "When Night Mayor collapses, Kid notices a door at the far end of the magician's hall. 'Treasure Vault- Klowns only!' is painted on it. 'So that's what he wanted me to open! Check it out, dude!' Kid Klown said. Kid walked to the door and turned the knob... Behind the door was Kid Klown's family, sitting beside a huge pile of round red rubber noses! A priceless treasure for the Klowns, but not for evil magicians like old Night Mayor! 'Now we have enough rubber noses for everyone we meet, so they can be happy klowns too!' Kid Klown and his happy family were reunited and never ever ran out of red rubber noses." Next, it says "The End" and shows a picture of Kid. The credits roll with exploding fireworks. Afterwards it says, "Thank you very much for playing. Hasta La Vista. Next program." Then it says, "You finished the game! Want to try the hard mode? Stronger and faster enemies await you! Try to beat them!!!" Finally, it tells you how to access this setting, and after a long time the game resets. Winning on the hard mode brings the same ending except for 2 things: [1] Instead of Kid, there's a picture of a spotlighted rubber nose at "The End" and [2] Instead of enticing you to play the hard mode, it says "Excellent!!" and shows the Kemco logo.

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