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The Jungle Book

Sent in by Jared Solovay Defeating Shere Khan in level 10 brings the usual end-of-level sequence except this time, Mowgli walks to the right when it is done. As he approaches a cliff, we see Bagheera and Baloo watching from behind the leaves. The screen scrolls ahead to the right, revealing a girl with a water jug on her head, standing next to a hut. The screen scrolls back and Mowgli swings across the open space, landing next to the hut. There is a close-up picture of the girl with a coquettish look, next to which it says: "The little girl was singing a song about the village and her parents." Then there is a close-up picture of a pleased Mowgli, next to which it says: "Mowgli could not resist the girls lovely song and he followed her into the village." Next, the "I Wanna Be Like You" song plays along with the credits. The credits are in the same format as the title screen--below the game's logo appear successive screens of text, with Mowgli himself advancing the series by pushing each screen to the right. When the final screen of credits is done, Mowgli pushes the title screen into place as the "Bare Necessities" theme begins to play.

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