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The Jetsons

Sent in by Jared Solovay After George stops Cogswell's berserk computer at the mining factory, he must make his way to his ship through a storm of meteorites. His ship flies through the sky while the credits play below. Then the Jetsons theme plays and we see a picture of George reunited with Elroy, Jane, Judy, Astro and Rosie, below which this text appears: "Congratulations George! You have stopped Cogswell's mining factory and brought back peaceful times to planet M38 and Spacely Sprockets. And today...George is back in his easy chair, half asleep as usual." A picture of a reclining George appears, and Spacely materializes on the viewscreen. He shouts "Jetson!!!" and George wakes up suddenly, his eyes bugging out and his mouth wide open. The image freezes and it says "The End."

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