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Isolated Warrior

Sent in by Jay Rookey After you beat the last boss, the game fades to black. It shows a picture of Max walking on the left, while his "words" appear on the right. He says that he was the last surviving member of his squadron, and that this was his first mission. He is proud that he beat the aliens and plans to continue to fight for peace. The game then tells you that if you beat all 6 levels without continuing, you will advance to a secret 7th board. The game then resets.
Sent in by Brett If you beat Isolated Warrior without quitting and using the codes, not only will you fight the real last guy, you'll also see the real ending. The real ending is this, the screen shows Max Maverick walking again and say pretty much the same stuff (except for the part telling you to beat the game in one try). Then the screen shows a book titled "Isolated Warrior". Turns out there's no Max Maverick except in a story.

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