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The Incredible Crash Dummies

Sent in by Jolteon When you go to the final stage in "The Incredible Crash Dummies" you finally meet up with Junkman. You'll know it's the final stage when you see three ovens in the beginning. A little further and you'll see a supply of bullets above your head. Get it if your running low on them. Beat the boss and you then see countless body parts flying every which way from him. After that you see a sequence in which Slick or Spin (I don't know which) gets a close look at Junkman and says, "What's the matter Junkman, did your mom drop you on your head?." Then the crash dummy goes to the next screen and sees Spare Tire sitting on some sort of rocket launcher with a chair connected to it. He then does something and they both go flying through a brick wall with a target on it. Spare Tire hits it first. After that you see a group picture of the Crash Dummy Squad. Then your high score and the purple crash dummy giving a thumbs up show up followed by the credits.

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