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Guerilla War

Sent in by Nick At the final Stage of Guerilla War, you run through the ruins of Capital City. The enemy forces are at their greatest. Once you get to the End Board, you are face-to-face with the Capital Building. You must blow-up four bunkers firing heat-seeking missiles at you. They are placed all along the roof of the Capital Building. The Leader runs frantically across the roof. Once you blow them up, the Leader runs back and forth across the roof firing cannons and heat-seeking missiles. You must pelt him with grenades until you kill him. After that, you scroll to a screen with a picture of the two hero warriors smiling. It tells you that you have restored peace to the Capital forever. And then it scrolls through screens of credits. Finally, there is a screen which says "THE END" with a battle helmet and ammunition underneath.
Sent in by Rey

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