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Golgo 13 2: The Mafat Conspiracy

Sent in by Joe You wander through the big huge maze, then fight a generic boss guy. Then you confront the head of Mafat: it's the professor you were supposed to rescue. (At least it's not a brain.) He tells you that a bomb is going to go off in the base so you run away. You then go all the way back through the maze, and end up on a ledge in the mountains. You then shoot the professor in a sniper scene as he walks to his helicopter. (Why you didn't just shoot him back in the base we will never know.) Then you return to your hotel to find your girl dying. James is a traitor as well! You go through a pointless driving scene, then snipe James as he boards the plane at an airport. You then get a look at James lying dead with blood spattered papers flying everywhere, then a look at Golgo standing on a hill, gun at his side. The credits roll.

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