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Flying Warriors

Sent in by Mike Waters Near the end of the battle with Demonyx, the Flying Warriors combine to form Dragonlord, who sealed up Demonyx years before. When the fatal blow is administered to Demonyx, he explodes a few times and fades out with the blackness. The following text then appears in the command window: "Rick took out the Mandara talisman." Lightning strikes the shadowed Demonyx, who grunts and disappears completely. In the command window is displayed this text: "Demonyx has been sealed up at last!" The 5 brave fighters' faces appear as they share this dialogue. Mary: "We've fulfilled our mission." Greg: "The demon has been sealed up by the Mandara talisman." Jimmy: "The time of darkness has come to an end." Hayato: "True peace will return to the world at last." Rick: "Peace...... such a noble word......" The screen next views the stars and this text is displayed: "The Flying Warriors heard the voice of the Light Dimension in their hearts." Dragonlord appears in the stars and says, "You've done well, Flying Warriors. Your actions have at last brought the defeat of the Dark Dimension. But evil still lingers in the hearts of people. A new darkness may one day take the world. Time must yet pass before people are awakened to the true courage, wisdom, justice, and love. Until that time comes, you shall continue to defend peace." The Flying Warriors nodded and renewed their pledge. A picture of the sunrise with their 5 silhouettes appears along with this text: "They then disappeared into the glow of the New York dawn." We see the silhouettes walk off toward the rising sun and a closeup picture of the sunrise is shown. At this point the flying warriors fly across from left to right then from bottom right to top left, pausing in the center of the screen for a few seconds. After the Flying Warriors leave the screen, it goes black and this text is displayed: "-Epilogue- The battle has ended. The Flying Warriors once again sent the demon into an eternal sleep...... but the force of the red evil star was not vanquished. The people raised their worried eyes to the night sky. There were still doubts in Rck's heart. 'Did I really defeat the demon?', he thought to himself. Rick looked up, and to his horror, he saw the black night sky turn red......" A lightning strike and clash of metal are heard as this text appears: "Mystery upon mystery awaits you in Flying Warriors Part 2. Prepare yourself......" The game then starts over. This ending can only be seen in expert difficulty. Otherwise, it ends with you having defeated a false Demonyx. You are urged to play expert difficulty in order to do battle with the real Demonyx.
Sent in by Rey

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