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EarthBound Zero

Sent in by DDH After you've finally sang enough times to Giegue, he'll tell you he'll be back, then it shows that his ship seems to be going down but after a couple of seconds, it goes up into space. After that, it shows that the people of Earth are free and Girl (or whatever you named her) is reunited with her mother, then Rocky (or whatever you named the B.B. Boss) is now singing daily at the Live Show after fully recovering. (That's what it says no matter what you did) Then the Earth people are returned to Youngtown, then Girl is escorted home to Snowman, then Jeff (or whatever you named your weakling friend) get's a "Hero's welcome". (That's what it says even if he wasn't in the fight with Giegue) Then it says that the main character's family (I call him Boy) did not believe he was hungry at all (after a long trip?), then it says that Girl got a letter from Boy with a picture which shows him smiling and walking near a couple of trees, and finally, Boy decides to sleep after stopping the Earth's crisis, then the cast appears. After that, the credits come up. After the credits, your dad is seen holding the phone and tries to get Boy on the phone, then he hears something new came up.

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