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Dragon Warrior 2

Sent in by Andrew * * is actions, (what happens) " " is what they say. Thou has defeated the Malroth. 'Thou hast delivered the world from Malroth's evil. ''Great is thy victory and greater the rewards. ''I, Rubiss, have watched thy struggles and I am proud of thee.' *Heals party completely* "Go now!" *Exits to outside of castle.* *From there I cast return and talked to the person that saves the game in Rhone.* 'The people will be free again, for the evil magic has dissipated like smoke in the wind.' *Talked to lady in bottom half of the shrine.* 'Oh, it's like a dream--to think that someone had the power to destroy Hargon.' *Went through portal on way to home town... swampy poison doesn't hurt any more.* *All the guards and other people are lined up in home town and there are NO enemies.* *King* '*name*, thou art of the line of Edrick and have proven thy heritage by thy deeds.' 'Now it it time for thee to take the throne. Will it be so?' *yes/no* *I picked no.* 'Be careful, *name*. Do not be selfish.' 'Now is the time for thee to take the throne. will it be so?' *yes/no again* *I picked yes this time.* 'Hail all to the new monarch of Midenhall!' 'Now, Numor, Prince of Cannok, come forth.' 'Peta, princess of.... *missed messages from here on... went to fast.*' Then they just cheer a little and show the credits. *At the very end, it shows "THE END" and sword sticking in the ground with helmet on left and shield on right.*
Sent in by Rey

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