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Dragon Warrior

Sent in by Wyrenth After defeating the Dragonlord, you receive the Ball of Light. It's radiance spreads through the land and eradicates the evil. You get transported outside, and you can walk around without fear of monster encounters. The people in the villages repeat what they say a lot, giving you praise, cheering, etc. When you walk back to Tantegel (or cast Return), you walk up and the King is waiting for you. He offers you his kingdom, but you refuse, saying that if you were to rule a land, it would be one you found on your own. Then Princess Gwaelin comes downstairs and asks that she come with you. It doesn't matter if you say no, she protests with her persistent "But thou must!" (women sure know how to get their way) You take Gwaelin in your arms, turn around, and the soldiers trumpet your victory. Finally, the credits appear.
Sent in by Rey

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