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Dragon Spirit

Sent in by Mike Waters This game has 2 endings. The one you get depends on whether you were the gold dragon or blue dragon. In gold dragon mode, Lace wakes up and discovers it was only a nightmare. He says he has had many scary dreams, but his sister Iris is the worst. Then a book called The Legend of Dragon appears, then closes and it says The End. In blue dragon mode, a big picture of the blue dragon with Iris riding on its head appears and it says that Galda was slain by the blue dragon. Peace and light have been restored to Earth. Now a new dragon legend is created. The new hero, Lace, and his name will be remembered forever (very fulfilling). Then the book The Legend of Dragon appears, closes, and it says The End. Then the 6 fairies pop up, the ones that your rescued in the game. The first five give you names of people who made the game. The 6th fairy says, "Thank you very much for being with us." Then it says Presented by Namco and the music gets quiet and stops.

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