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Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones

Sent in by Mike Waters After you beat Marion, she falls like any other enemy and you hear a strange sound. Then it plays the victory tune for the end of a level. The next screen has a picture of the pyramids with the following text: "The Double Dragons defeated Princess Noiram, who was really Marion under an evil spell. She awoke unharmed." Then it gets a shot of Billy with this text: "He will continue to pass on his martial arts knowledge to students around the world." Next is a shot of Chin with this text: "Returns to China to master Kenpou. He remains friends with the Double Dragons." The next to be shown is Ranzou with, you guessed it, some text: "Returned to Japan to become a Ninja. One day he will be called emperor." Jimmy is shown at this point with the following text: "With his brother, he will continue passing on his knowledge to students everywhere." Hiruko is shown last with this text: "She wasn't the first and won't be the last to let greed for power ruin their life." After that, the credits are shown with a closeup of the first 3 stones in the background. Last of all is a big "The End" in old English text with the 3 stones.
Sent in by Rey

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